Commercial Buildings

Small Business

Commercial Insurance for Businesses of Any Size

At Texas First State Agency, we know how important your business is to you and those that work for you. That’s why we also offer commercial insurance to owners of small, medium, and large companies. With our services, you can better protect your investment. Contact our agency today to get an insurance quote for any of the following:

General Liability

This insurance gives your company additional protection in case an accident occurs. As a result, you are covered if something happens to an employee or visitor to your property.

General Liability

Property Insurance

In addition to protecting your business in case incidents occur, we can also provide coverage for your commercial building and personal property associated with your business. Should something happen to the building (like water, fire, or hurricane damage); you are able to repair or rebuild. This policy protects your business and assets.

Commercial Property

Fleet Vehicles

Auto Insurance

It is important to insure not only your property, but also your company vehicles. By choosing commercial auto insurance, damage to or the theft of your commercial automobiles is covered. We also cover bodily injuries if an accident happens.

Umbrella Liability

When owning a business, the risk of an employee getting hurt on your premises is always there. Ensure your company has extra protection by purchasing our commercial umbrella liability coverage. We recommend this added protection to every business owner.

Corporate Event Insurance

Event Coverage

Minimize your risks by getting event coverage from our agency. This insurance protects you if an accident occurs during your gathering. You won’t be liable for accidents or injuries to your guests during special events such as trade shows, company parties, and more. Our agents will be happy to discuss this coverage with you.