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Custom Farm Insurance Policies

Protect your ranch with farm insurance from Texas First State Agency. When you turn to us, we can personalize a policy for you to cover everything on your property from livestock to buildings to equipment. Call us today for a quote.

Farm Equipment

When you want to protect your farm equipment, you’ve come to the right place. Our agency is one of the few companies that offer this valuable coverage. The amount of money you have invested in specialized farm and ranch equipment is well worth protecting. Call us today for peace of mind.

Large Farm Equipment



Not only can we insure your buildings and other items on your property, but also the land itself. We offer acreage coverage that fully protects your lots. In the industry, most companies typically only insure up to 10 acres. However, Texas First State Agency can cover hundreds and hundreds of land units at different locations. There’s no limit to how many acres you can have on the same policy.

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One of our most frequently asked questions is, “Should my cow get out, and someone hits it, am I covered?” The answer to this is always yes when you purchase livestock insurance from us. When cattle ranching is your way of life, you need to protect your investment. We even have policies that cover damage that is caused by escaped cows and theft of your livestock. Talk to one of our agents today for a policy to protect these valuable assets.

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